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Simplify and control the way your company meets Affordable Care Act requirements.

Passport's Affordable Care Act Management (ACA) Software provides "views" and detailed reports that help keep you aware of ACA-related decisions for your employees throughout the year.  

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Passport's Affordable Care Act Management Software assists employers to manage work schedules and insurance obligations, including self-insured companies. Employee data maintenance is centralized and streamlined, and encryption keeps sensitive data secure.

Passport's ACA Employee Data Entry Screen

Passport's new ACA Management Software will automate your monthly record-keeping and has built-in reports to comply with the ACA's mandatory forms reporting.

Reports include:

  • 1095-C Federally filed forms required for each insurance-eligible employee.
  • 1094-C Transmittal summary for a company or Applicable Large Employer group.
  • ALE Calculation Report Determines if a company is subject to ACA regulations
  • Standard Measurement Period Report Monitor current employees and adjust schedules accordingly.
  • Initial Measurement Period Report Monitor part time employees hired between Standard Measurement Periods and schedule accordingly.
  • ACA Insurance Report Review insurance affordability and employee/employer contributions.
  • ACA Safe Harbor Comparison Compares measurement methods used for determining affordability.
  • Eligibility and Offers of Insurance Coverage Audit report to help ensure compliance.

And, Passport's Product Update Program ensures your ACA Management Software will keep abreast of changes.
Passport offers 4 levels of ACA Management Software products

ACA Essentials
Company size - single company of up to 249 employees
Includes 1094-C and 1095-C reporting

ACA Corporate Edition
Company size - single company of 250 employees or more
Includes 1094-C and 1095-C reporting
Magnetic Media - IRS Certified

ACA Enterprise Edition
Company size - Multiple companies under one owner
Includes 1094-C and 1095-C reporting
Magnetic Media - IRS Certified

ACA for Accounting & Payroll Service Providers
Please contact your Passport Account Manager for
information and pricing.

New! Passport's "ACA Complete"

Video: Getting Started with Passport's ACA Management Software

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